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The Nigerian Police’s disregard for Human Rights

The principle aim of Law is to maintain order and, ultimately, peace in any given society, while ensuring that the dignity of man is preserved. Hence, the popular maxim coined by St Augustine of Hippo, "an unjust law is no … Continue reading

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This thing called crush

Okay! I have to clear the air before I’m tagged ‘Dbanj-like’. This is not kissing and telling oh (not that there is any kissing to tell)! I’m only musing. I was thirteen years old when I first crushed on a … Continue reading

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The art of being a Christian Feminist

I am a Christian not because I was born into a Christian home to Christian parents. I am a Christian because I believe in God and love the teachings of Jesus Christ who preached indiscriminate love just as his protege … Continue reading

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An abandoned wife’s prayer

My God, who has forsaken Me and my beloved daughters. You, who empower leaders And give palm trees wine, Have chosen to forsake us. Turning deaf ears to our prayers. Oh! That I should sit and mourn The loss of … Continue reading

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#IDG2013: Celebrating girls worldwide

It was Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon who encapsulated the importance of Human Rights activism in his tweet: "Everyone can and should be an Activist…It is not an elevated status…It is your right as a citizen.. Be proactive…" Today, we celebrate the … Continue reading

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Ungrateful me

I started writing because writing was a better form of communication for me. Things I would be too worked up to say (speak), calmly, without sounding petulant or angry; I communicated in writing in the exact tone I intended. As … Continue reading

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A lovely thing or two: my evening market experience

When I first heard of the evening market practice of some traders at Ogbete main market, Enugu, popularly known as "uwa mgbede", I scoffed at them and said to myself – who will patronise them, kwanu? Imagine going to market … Continue reading

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