Of Gnostic and Agnostic Theists and Atheists

A picture I stumbled upon on Twitter described the situation of confused and certain religious beliefs aptly.
It described in a wonderfully worded graphic way, who Theists and Atheists are.

Agnostic Atheist: Someone who doesn’t believe any god exists but is not claiming that to be true because he/she might be wrong.
Gnostic Atheist: Someone who doesn’t believe any god exists and knows for sure gods don’t exist because its just dumb to think they do.
Agnostic Theist: Someone who believes there is a god but is not sure because it might just be silly stories.
Gnostic Theist: Someone who believes there is a god, and knows for sure that god exists because it makes perfect sense that He exists.

I am a gnostic theist.

Many times on Twitter, I’ve come upon people criticising religious beliefs and calling Believers fools for believing silly stories of God’s existence. There is no god, they mock. One went on to mock the Aztecs and Mayans who worshipped carved/man-made objects as gods and goddesses. Deities, they believed would save them from European invasion, and yet the Europeans "mucked" them up.

Its funny, really. This need to belittle religion and criticise those who belief. Its almost as if, this angry Atheists are scared of meeting hellfire alone, they need company. Company, Believers have refused them.

Unlike other Christians, I don’t think all other religion is "evil". I am of the view that Non-believers, Muslims, Buddhists and the rest can make heaven or paradise or whatever eternal life they believe in, so long as they practise good and not evil. I am not arrogant in my Christian belief, that I would condemn other people to hell, hades or damnation because they did not accept Jesus as their Lord and personal saviour. I am (and I’ve always been) of the view that we all can co-habit in peace as brothers dwelling in one kingdom – Earth. The Igbos say, "Egbe bere Ugo bere, nke si ibe ya ebela nku kwaa ya" – Let the eagle perch, let the hawk perch. The one who refuses the other to perch, let its wing break. So why can’t we all live together in peace, free of bias, criticism and insults? Why do we assign ourselves roles as prosecutor, judge and jury – try, judge and condemn, when we are only to be on earth for a maximum hundred years? Why why why do we pick apart people’s beliefs?

E don tire me, biko! This incessant bashing of beliefs by people who claim there is no god. If you are a gnostic atheist, kindly keep your views to yourself because when you open your mouth to condemn Believers’ silliness, you end up spewing silliness. Silliness that envelops you like a cloak and reflects your silliness.

Hey, sheath your claws! I’m not here to condemn. This is a friendly advice. Don’t mock religion, even when you are certain of your certainty, it only portrays you as scared. You can frown and frown, even scowl and curse us silently, but once you put pen to paper or in this case, thumbs to keyboard, you look like a scared little boy arrogantly trying to look all grown up, educated and sophisticated. Don’t judge or condemn. Be the bigger person. That is sophistication!

Again, this is a friendly advise, not a criticism.

Ciao, queridos!


About Egoyibo Okoro

Beautiful. Friendly. Opinionated. Feminist. Scholarly. Political. Christian. Sometimes, I write in Engli-Igbo and/or pidgin English. Just so you know, I am naturally disgruntled about a lot of things, most especially gender inequality, human rights abuses, racism and corruption. #EndChildMarriage. #EndTerrorism. #EndPoverty. #EndRacism. #EndImperialism. The Igbo say, "egbe bere, ugo bere, nke si ibe ya ebena nku kwa ya" - Live and let live!
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6 Responses to Of Gnostic and Agnostic Theists and Atheists

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  3. ese says:

    Proudly gnostic theist…
    Well done. You’ve written well..

  4. spacyzuma says:

    *applause* Thank you, Ego for this article.

    In the past few years of my religious conversion, I have come to realize that the main thing that causes conflict are these sequence of thoughts and actions: “My way/method/idea is BETTER than your” —>>> “You MUST accept that.” —>>> “You MUST convert to my way/method/idea”
    This is, perhaps, the driving force of all conflicts.

    Tolerance is very important for any kind of peace. You and I have different beliefs…that’s cool. You believe yours is right and I’m wrong. I believe mine is right and you’re wrong. No problem, but keep it within you. Outside, we can remain friends and work together and have peace. That is tolerance.

    You are right about many people on twitter making fun of other people’s religions and beliefs. I admit that I have done it too.

    • CuteDollars says:

      My dear, that’s the irony of life. We degrade/disrespect each other’s beliefs when the world is such an uncertain place, we might both be doing it all wrong. I’m glad you appreciate.m glad you appreciate.
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