Diary of A Disgruntled Igbo Woman…Part 4

For many months now, I’ve been, em, sedate. Yeah, that’s the word. I won’t say I’ve been happy or satisfied, but my disgruntled nature, for a while, abated and I stopped "bitching". Then (buyaka!), Kenya’s Westgate attack happened, and I find myself boiling with anger at those infidels; those power-hungry, religious zealots; those murderous terrorists, those devils who will surely burn in hell (I no go mention names, o jare!).
As if, I wasn’t disgruntled enough, rumour had it, GEJ went for the UN General Assembly in New York, "escorted" by 600 staff of the Presidency. Very disgruntled, I find myself raving at GEJ’s administration. Negodu nwoke onye mmiri a na enwero ego e gote akpu ukwu oge ahu, mana kitaa umu nkita ya na ebi ndu! Chei! Ha kam m eriju afo sef! – This waterside man who had no shoes but can now afford to keep his dogs, in a manner and fashion which I can not even imagine.
Maybe, I was reasoning like the typical Nigerian, blaming the government for everything under the sun, even the vagaries of the weather. But, I can’t reconcile the "baa kwomi" attitude of our leaders, with the state of affairs in the Nation. Nor, can I reconcile the petty squabbles of this politicians, with the important positions they hold. Positions, which put them on the highest echelons of society. Positions, which have them telling us, "If you support homosexuality, you’ll rot in prison. But, hey, marrying a child is okay. The koran said so."
I am tired of this people oh! I will start fellowship with Mountain of Fire oh! Satanic people will fall and die oh! I don sound am now. If you have any friend or relative in government, warn them oh! Because, if I prophesy…if I visit mountain…if I vex in righteousness, Satan go fall and die for the 1000th time.
But, seriously, in all seriousness, how can GEJ vow to help Kenya "contain" their terrorist situation, when hundreds of people die weekly in Nigeria at the hands of BH? Or has human life ceased to matter in Nigeria? I’m not saying he should not console the Kenyans and offer help, but "vowing to contain the (Kenya terrorism) situation" is a tad insensitive to the millions of Nigerians who have been affected by the BH scourge. Some will blame his media people but I blame him by virtue of the laws of vicarious liability. The acts of Abati in his official capacity as GEJ’s media manager, are the acts of GEJ. Period! Adi agara ya be dibia – No need to visit the soothsayer.
To be an untypical Nigerian, I believe GEJ’s administration has landmark achievements. I know the works of BH are the works of that military dictator (wetin be him name again?!). I believe GEJ is the best candidate in this presidential. And I know that, come 2015, he will assume the gilded throne in Aso Rock the 2nd time (abi na 3rd time? *shrugs*), because those twerps have no way of ousting him. Dude is goodly lucky!


About Egoyibo Okoro

Beautiful. Friendly. Opinionated. Feminist. Scholarly. Political. Christian. Sometimes, I write in Engli-Igbo and/or pidgin English. Just so you know, I am naturally disgruntled about a lot of things, most especially gender inequality, human rights abuses, racism and corruption. #EndChildMarriage. #EndTerrorism. #EndPoverty. #EndRacism. #EndImperialism. The Igbo say, "egbe bere, ugo bere, nke si ibe ya ebena nku kwa ya" - Live and let live!
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1 Response to Diary of A Disgruntled Igbo Woman…Part 4

  1. egbuyugo says:

    Was expecting the usual feminine angle.tad disappointed though.all d same,excellent piece

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