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Letter to the African humanist

Dear Mr Immanuel, Thank you foryour letter, which I and many feminists of African descent read with horror. Horror that you have so misunderstood our struggles, our aims and our passions. Firstly, feminism is not categorised according to race. In … Continue reading

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Of Gnostic and Agnostic Theists and Atheists

A picture I stumbled upon on Twitter described the situation of confused and certain religious beliefs aptly. It described in a wonderfully worded graphic way, who Theists and Atheists are. Agnostic Atheist: Someone who doesn’t believe any god exists but … Continue reading

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On the light side: crazy English language

Why do we say the alarm clock is going off when it goes on? How can a building burn up and burn down at the same time? Why is a boxing ring square? Its a crazy language, you say? You’re … Continue reading

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Feminism: A not so recent phenomenon in Nigeria

“Tell me that thing which men can undertake alone without the help of the womenfolk.” – Madame Alimotu Palewura. Nigeria boasts of many strong women. Women who stand (and others who have stood) resilient, determined to be “free”, yet supportive … Continue reading

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Diary of A Disgruntled Igbo Woman…Part 4

For many months now, I’ve been, em, sedate. Yeah, that’s the word. I won’t say I’ve been happy or satisfied, but my disgruntled nature, for a while, abated and I stopped "bitching". Then (buyaka!), Kenya’s Westgate attack happened, and I … Continue reading

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We Are Equal.

Julie Burchil, English Writer and Feminist once said, "A good part – and definitely the most fun part – of being a feminist is about frightening men." I have an account on Twitter and whenever I want to get all … Continue reading

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Dealing With The Loss Of A Loved One.

In 1969, Elizabeth Kรผbler-Ross wrote a book titled "On Death and Dying". It said: when a person is faced with the reality of death or awful fate, he or she will experience a series of emotional stages: denial, anger, bargaining, … Continue reading

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